"Marilyn Was Everything I Dreamed Of, And More, In A Day-of Coordinator!"

"I had planned my wedding for about a year and a half (mentally and physically). I live in San Antonio and got married in Austin at a beautiful venue that was pretty much a one stop shop (catering, cake service, etc).  

I had bought decorations here and there for over a year and a half and had put a very vague plan together of what I wanted the tables look like.  The day before the wedding we showed up for decorating and rehearsal and I basically just rattled off a million ideas of what I wanted things to look like to Marilyn.


Even my bridesmaids bouquets that were to consist of one hydrangea with a simple ribbon tied around it was just an idea - not an actual thing.   

Marilyn was great at envisioning the finished product. When I showed up to the venue an hour before the photos started, I was overcome with emotion just walking in the venue!

Marilyn had tied all the loose ends together and made the morning flawless.  She made sure everything ran smoothly between vendors and, more importantly, she continually had a drink in my hand after the wedding!  

Looking back the entire day was a complete blur, but I know the one thing that made it run smoothly was Marilyn.  She literally takes your place that day and lets you relax as much as possible!!!   Thanks again Marilyn for all your hard work!"

- Cara Harstad
Kristan Braziel